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½ cup Shyam's Vanilla Custard Powder,1 ½ cup sugar,Pinch of saffron,2 cups water,2 tbsp ghee,Pistachios for garnish


  • Take the Shyam's Vanilla Custard Powder and sugar in a pan, then add 2 cups of water.

  • Whisk it well to avoid lumps. Mix it well, till the sugar completely dissolves, (we are doing all this off the stove).

  • Grease a tin / plate with ghee and keep it ready.

  • Heat the pan and keep stirring.

  • Keep stirring on a low flame.

  • Stir continuously to avoid lumps.

  • Add a tbsp of ghee at this stage.

  • Keep on stirring until you see the halwa texture.

  • Once it is thick and comes together as a whole mass and starts to leave the sides of the pan, add remaining ghee, cashews , mix well and switch off.

  • Now transfer the mixture to a ghee greased plate. Let it set at least for an hour and then cut into squares and enjoy.

  • Garnish each square with cashews.

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